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PRESS RELEASE: fitness Centre expansion with new director of public wellness

August 14, 2019


The Delta Health and Performance Clinic announced the addition of Mike Pickles as the new Director of Public Wellness in the High Performance Centre. Mike joins the team with a focus on expanding the Delta High Performance Centre and dedicating himself to launching exclusive adult fitness classes for the public. The classes will launch this fall and will include spinning, strength training, kickboxing, women's only hour and more. 


Mike has been in the fitness industry for over two decades. For the past ten years he has dedicated himself to sport performance with a specialization in off-ice hockey development working with both professional and amateur hockey players. Mike is not only a strength coach but also an educator on high performance and sports nutrition. Mike’s extensive fitness background and expertise in personal training make him highly suited to jump into this new venture.  


In 2012 Mike partnered with the International Youth Conditioning Association to co-author the number one best-selling book on called, 'The Definitive Guide to Youth Athletic Strength Conditioning and Performance'. Mike has also worked with the IYCA in collaboration with other top trainers in North America to design sport performance training programs that have gone on to sell thousands world-wide in their 'Big Book of Programs'.


Mike holds a graduate degree in Fitness and Health Promotion from Fanshawe College and Western Ontario and was awarded the Health Systems Group Leadership Award in 2002. Mike was also nominated for Personal Trainer of the Year in 2005 for GoodLife Fitness Clubs and holds certifications from The American Cousil on Exercise, The Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology, The Titleist Performance Institute and The International Youth Conditioning Association.


“We are thrilled that Mike Pickles is joining our team. His passion for health and wellness will be a great contribution to our collaborative vision,” said Delta Health and Performance Clinic Director, Ian Gallagher. 

Coming this fall: Adult fitness classes

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