Adult fitness classes:


Our adult fitness class program is currently shut down due to COVID-19. Our plan is to open up our classes again in 2021. We hope to see you back in our gym in the new year! Register now to get on the waiting list. 


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Strength & Conditioning


Designed by our very own Director of Public Wellness Mike Pickles, this is our foundational class that includes a little bit of everything. With over 20 years experience as a Strength & Conditioning Coach Mike makes sure you get exactly what you need to feel better and look better. Whether you’re just starting out or need that extra push this program is focused on getting results fast!



EXCLUSIVE SPIN CLASSES COMING SOON! Our experienced instructors will take you for an incredible ride. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rider we make sure there’s a tempo and pace that works for you. It’s all about having a good time and feeling great when you hop off the bike! Prepare to work up a sweat - this workout is all about high intensity.


Kickboxing Classes

EXCLUSIVE KICKBOXING CLASSES COMING SOON! What can we say? This is the ultimate conditioning class that will challenge even the fittest individuals - it's based on a similar workout we use to train NHL hockey players. Our professional certified instructors will not only help you burn those fat calories away but they will also make sure you can throw a pretty good left hook! 

Women's Only class

WOMEN'S ONLY CLASSES COMING SOON! Feel comfortable in a group setting that offers a little bit of everything - from strength training to conditioning - for women specifically. Designed for beginners to advanced fitness seekers, our trainers will motivate you to get results at your own pace. Get fit, get lean, get strong, and get the body you’ve always wanted! 


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